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  • Lisa Scherma


I have my fathers midlife crisis to thank for my start in music. In the early 70s, he grew a mustache, let his hair grow a little longer, bought a few Huckapoo shirts and, along with his friends, decided to learn how to play folk guitar. Once he knew some chords, he taught me. I have fond memories of playing and singing with his friends when they visited. But the best was all the times my parents and I played and sang in harmony in our kitchen in Brooklyn.

My mother had an amazing operatic voice. When I was really little, I remember her singing the soprano part of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus in our church where my parents, along with my uncles and some of their friends were the choir. I later on attended the catholic school associated with our church and eventually joined the folk group and played and sang at mass on Sundays. I loved every minute of it. I credit my catholic upbringing for the religious references found in many of my songs.

I'd like to thank my parents for surrounding me with music. It has become such a part of my life that, in actuality, it's become a part of me. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it.

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