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Inside Someone's Mind
Lisa Scherma

This album combines a few genres, but all songs have something important to say.  Some delve deep into serious matters where others have a brighter story to tell.  

Home Again
Lisa Scherma

This album combines country, folk and Americana , creating a compilation of well-crafted songs that, as with most of her songs, tell you stories.  So give a listen and find what hits home for you.

Wrong Impression
Lisa Scherma

Having been influenced by many things in her life, this album is the culmination of having musical parents who loved jazz standards and being introduced to jazz in later years at jazz jams where friends played. It was there that her love for jazz grew and inspired the writing of the tunes that eventually became this album. 

Time Flies....
Lisa Scherma & Guy Michetti


Sophomore album from musical story teller, singer/songwriter, Lisa Scherma, with a more stripped down approach. An acoustic collaboration that provides powerful, emotion-filled vocals, with a unique blend of folk, bluegrass and singer/songwriter tunes.

Here In My Heart

Lisa Scherma

Debut album from musical story teller, singer/songwriter with powerful, emotion-filled vocals, providing a unique blend of blues, rock and country.

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